Innovative Merchandise

Corporate Merchandise: Asahi Money Clip

The money clip is a gift that provides much utility as it allows them to keep these reserve currencies separate from main wallets, to be kept safe should the worst happen. A custom logo may also be etched onto the holster to allow for an additional advertising benefit for the company.

Asahi Money Clip.jpg

Stimulate sales with GWP promotion

This form of promotion is a form of investment that pays for itself. Even though there will be some costs incurred from providing the GWP, it will also translate to increased sales revenue! This happens because people may be drawn to make a purchase because of the gift offered. Thus the initial cost of the GWP is a small sum to pay for the large amount of sales that will could potentially be generated.

GWP helps to boost customer satisfaction!

When customers obtain an additional item other than what they have originally purchased, they feel appreciated. Customers will feel like they are getting more value for their buck. Therefore, this will increase customer satisfaction and aid in building customer loyalty.

Offering a promotional gift certainly provides two-fold benefits for both the brand as well as the customers. So start offering them today to experience these benefits for your company!

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Liquor Merchandise Ideas: Premium Products for you Brand

Seeking effective promotional ideas for your corporate gifts. Wine related gifts can truly set your firm apart from competition by offering classy yet inexpensive items of high perceived-value.

Amarula Coaster.jpg

Wine Decanter

Decanters are key items for wine lovers. For old wines which contain sediments (due to the aging process), properly decanting will insure that these have a chance to settle at the bottom of bottle or decanter. Younger wine will benefit from decanting by increasing its contact with oxygen, thus releasing aromas.

Lastly, presentation of wine in a beautiful crystal decanter adds to the ambiance of a beautifully dressed table.

Wine Aerator

Similar to the decanter, wine aerators enhance the taste of the wines you drink by exposing them to air. However, aerators do this task better and faster than decanters.

No need to remember to open the bottle long before dinner in order to enjoy its full aroma, aerators deliver oxygen to the wine rapidly and efficiently. A great item for all impatient wine connoisseurs out there.

Wine Vacuum Pump

On the opposite side, if you would like to keep your wine for later (if you do not wish to finish a full bottle in 1 sitting) oxygen should be kept out of your bottle in order to prevent the aromas from escaping. The use of a vacuum pump becomes mandatory. By inserting a rubber bung into the neck of the bottle and extracting the air, you insure your wine will lose nothing of its bouquet and is ready to be served again days later.

Bottle Stands

Meant to showcase your best wine while on the table or bar.  this can just be for decoration purposes or have pouring function.  Bottle stands are the perfect tools to fit for displaying your unopened wine.

Choose from wood, metal, glass and a host of other materials and designs.

Wine Stopper

Wine stoppers are devices used to seal a bottle of wine after it has been opened in order to keep the wine from spilling and to prevent oxygen from spoiling the beverage. Traditionally made of cork, wine stoppers evolved and can now take many shapes and forms. Easily personalized, they bring a nice touch to any celebration or events and can represent any theme of your choice.

Wine Case

This item allows you to easily carry around your favourite bottle and can also provide a great gift pack when offering a bottle of wine to somebody as a gift.

Meant to conserve and protect your best bottle while it is carried around, wine cases are great addition to an already classy product. They can come in many shape, colors and material.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are also one of the most important element in any wine tasting. Shape is important as it concentrates the flavor and the aroma (bouquet) to emphasize the varietal’s characteristics. For example red wine glasses have shorter stems and wider bowls as compared to white wine glasses.

Wine glasses are also of key importance to decorate dinner table and can easily be customized to your specific need and want.  Give away a specific glass to your customers to tie in with the location of the event or which fits in well with the region the clients come from.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Flûtes are stem glasses with tall, narrow bowls. The concept is to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink and to retain champagne’s signature carbonation/fizziness. Usually coming in sets of 2, 6 or 12, champagne flutes are the perfect idea for corporate gifts.

They can be easily customized according to your designs.  This gift is synonymous with luxury.

Wine Charms

Wine charms are decorative loops to be wrapped around the stem of a wine glass in order to help you remember whose glass is whose. Useful during parties, marriages or get-togethers, wine charms provide personalized items to all attending guests in order not to mix up glasses. Allow guests to take them away & remember those precious moments.

Wine Album

Marrying modern design and ease of use, allows you to collect your preferred labels in a single and elegant album. No longer you will forget that exceptional bottle that you enjoyed or the special occasion on which you savored that excellent wine.

Wine Coasters

Another handy and fashionable item, wine coasters keep wine drips from reaching tables and counters. At the same time, they can easily be customized in terms of material and appearance. From polished stainless coasters to glass, ceramic,etc. Wine coaster are yet another item used to dress your table for big events.

Innovative Merchandise

Customer Retention: Premium Gift Packaging for Merchandise

A nice whiskey campaign requires some nice packaging as well. No company would hand them over like normal bottles. Give a look at this new packaging designs for your liquor marketing campaigns. All of them come in the same material and similar shape but in different types of wood and styles.

CEO Sleepout Giftbox.jpg

Why would these promo whiskey stones be effective promo items?

Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the bottle of liquor makes the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like receiving an important gift and consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.
Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the packaging of the bottle as well. Your name will be visible in every glass and single merchandise.
Custom: The design can be changed and made custom, it is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, compose personalised sets and so on. The possibilities for customisation are infinite.

Boosting Brand Image: Premium Cardholders by Wolf Blass

Thinking of boosting your company’s brand image?

Offering the customizable leather name card holders for your company staff or clients/supplier, is the perfect gift to please them and accompany them everyday. Read on to find out more about this special offer and the leather name card holders!

Wolf Blass smartphone holder.jpg

With its functionality, this set of promotional items would definitely capture their attention! Wolf Blass also did a brilliant job on branding in order to raise awareness and enhance brand recall. This would surely help in maximizing its marketing effort!

Innovative Merchandise

Branded Flasks: Whiskey Campaigns made more Attractive

What’s a flask without whisky or whisky without a flask?This promotion provides customers using Irish stores the opportunity to not only get two bottles of whisky but a fantastically branded flask as well.


Why do we like this branded hipflask as a promo product?

High quality. We provided customers with a high quality promotional product, which in turn reflects the sort of quality first time customers can come to expect from the brand.

Boost in sales. This gift with purchase strategy will attract more customer to try the product and to purchase 2 bottles in order the get the premium gift.

Customer loyalty. Customers which have already tried this brand’s drink will also be delighted with the free branded hipflask promo, and provided they receive excellent service for their loyalty,  the business will continue to attract more and more customers through positive word-of-mouth.

Thus, a free branded gift with purchase, when executed correctly can be an effective way for a brand to market themselves on a regular or seasonable basis.

GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Leather Coasters for Increased Visibility

There’s nothing worse than finding that tea or coffee stain on the surface of your home furnishings, and that is where custom coasters come in as a great marketing idea to prevent this from happening.

These custom coasters are made from leather, which have excellent heat protection qualities and hide the brown stains from the tea or coffee much better than when made on your wooden surfaces. 

These custom coasters come in a square design, and the top can be printed with your own company design making the branding potential for these coasters great. They would make excellent gifts as free gifts in on-pack promotions, sold in sets as a gift (which in this case is a set of 4) with purchase item or as free giveaway’s during events and promoting a new product range.


Why do custom coasters make good promotional merchandise?

Increase brand awareness. Coasters make very practical gifts and can be used at home, in shop store displays, or even in the office, boosting plenty of opportunities to show off your cool designs, and brand logo.

Expanding product range. If you are a drinks companies especially in the coffee and tea industry, these coasters could make the perfect product for promotions in introducing a new product range. Custom coasters can be designed to match your new product range designs.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

GWP Ideas: Football Uniforms by Wolf Blass

MCFC Football Uniform



This uniform is a good marketing item because of the association between football and premium liquor. Fans will be influenced by the branded jersey., therefore it is a nice incentive product as well. By attaching a corporate sponsor to jerseys like this can rapidly increase your brand recognition and gives customers a rewarding Gift with Purchase!

GWP Ideas, Innovative Merchandise

Gentlemen's Merchandise: Premium Cufflinks

Looking for the perfect gentleman’s fashion accessory? Cufflinks could be the ideal product for you.  Cufflinks symbolise professionalism in white collar business.  For service industry professionals, complete your staff uniforms just as you would with lapel pins to take presentation up a notch.

Asahi Cufflink 1.jpg

Perfect for premium incentive or targeted promotions, cufflinks allow you to showcase your corporate logo with style.  Cufflinks offer a large variety of choice in term of materials include

  • Glass
  • Crystal
  • Enamel
  • Onyx
  • Textiles
  • Stainless
  • Precious Metal
  • Leather

Details imprinting Method

Printing / Engraving / Enamel / Embossing.
Being highly customisable in terms of aesthetics, material or shape,  it is a very good product to be given in either corporate or promotional purposes.  If the gift is not directed toward customers, cufflinks can be a great way for new employees to feel part of the company. Why not include then in welcome packs for employees or supporters for sports teams?

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

POS Displays: Skyy Vodka's Modern Liquor Campaign

Any bottle of liquor is exquisite as it is. But is takes a unique bottle holder to level up a bottle first impression to an enthusiast. Providing the best quality of liquor is not enough when pleasing your customers. Adding a little bit of flavor through unique designs of a bottle holder can open up a new dimension in marketing your product. 

ming bottle glorifier.jpg


These unique designs for holding up a bottle of wine can act as a gift wrap in itself. It is perfect for gifts and even better for a typical household. These products can improve the aura of any living space which can closely compete with figurines that contribute to the overall décor.  

Design possibilities for this piece are limitless. A brand that has a distinct icon or symbol can certainly benefit in producing this kind of product. It gives your consumers a true to life encounter with your brand. The only limit is your imagination.

Are you ready to reach new heights with your brand of liquor? The best is yet to come for any brand willing to explore on these design ideas. No other company is qualified enough to bring your imagination to life--- Merch & Effect. 

GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise Ideas: Duffel Bags from Skyy Vodka

Why a duffel bag?

Practicality; one of the most practical item used everyday. Offering a bag, as a complimentary gift to your customers, gives the impression that you want to be a part of their daily lives. This is great because customers actually do remember you. They feel appreciated and develop the impression that you gave a lot of thought into your gifting process. This brands your company above your competitors.

Skyy Duffel Bag 2.jpg

Why should you offer items like this?

Firstly, offering promotional items comes along with tons of pros for your company. A situation may even occur where customers buy the product that is on sale just because they want to get the promotional item. Such an example would definitely be the well-known MacDonald’s Happy Meal. It is a known fact that most people buy the happy meal because of the limited edition promotional toy that comes with it. This is a fairly good example to show the impact of having a good item. Offering such premium items help brand your company as one that is generous and one that values customer satisfaction as a priority.

A promotional duffel bag is a great idea because of its great practicality and usability. Furthermore, customers of Skyy Vodka are mostly audiences with functional fashion sense. Therefore, they will be glad to receive this promotional item that is being offered because of its simple yet elegant design.