Innovative Merchandise

Impressive Merchandise for Premium Liquor Brands

Why offer premium promotional products?

Promotional products that exude class and luxury are bound to leave a lasting impression on your clients! It also helps to portray a positive image that your brand is generous in rewarding the customers.

Wild Turkey Flight Board.jpg

Why is this a great premium gift?

Design: The design of this piece is extremely stylish, and with the logo on it, it can provide free advertising for brand during usage. This promo is a great example of how it can be transformed into an effective marketing tool.

Perceived value: Inclusion of premium promotional packaging is another great way to increase your perceived value. Adding value through packaging  means that a customer’s first impression of your product will be that of high quality. This will instantly associate your brand with luxury, improving your brand image. It also increases what they are willing to pay for your products.


GWP Ideas

Classy Merchandise: Champagne Glasses with Premium Design

How does offering an on pack promotion help?

In every marketing effort, uniqueness makes a company stand out from the competitors. This unique quality can be derived from either your brand, or the quality of your gift. If you can offer a gift that is complimentary to the product you are selling, it enhances the value of the purchase. This gives more reason for customers to purchase. This is seen with the champagne glasses Sterling Vineyards is offering as their on pack promotion.

sterling glass.jpg

Glasses and Cups are considered a commonly offered on pack promotion gift, this is for multiple reasons.

Firstly, with low production cost makes this on pack promotion gift a highly sought after one. Therefore, companies that don’t have much budget would most likely take up this promotion. Of course with a higher quality product, the gift can reflect the high quality. In the case of Sterling Vineyards, you can offer high quality glasses free with purchase of a bottle.

Glasses are easy to manufacture and design. This allows a great range of customisability for various marketing campaigns or themes. These products also have excellent branding potential, as Sterling Vineyards has shown through their on pack promotion, you can place your brand on the side of the glass.

GWP Ideas

Customised Umbrellas for Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

Promotional products like customised umbrellas are a great promotional tool to include in your marketing strategy. It is an advertising product, which creates high visibility, as umbrellas are an item, which is used in public. Umbrellas are good for rainy and sunny days and are therefore a good way to increase your company’s brand awareness.

Umbrellas are produced in many different designs and materials. This naturally gives companies fantastic potential to customise umbrellas with their own logo and designs through their marketing strategy.


Customised Umbrellas leads to Increased Brand Awareness

Umbrellas can be customized to your branding requirements. The shape and color of the umbrellas can be chosen so it fits to your logo or company color. Statement, slogans or contact information’s can be printed on the umbrella to help increasing brand awareness. You can also chose to brand your umbrella on the inside with a full color print, which makes the umbrellas look unique. Below we see an example of an umbrella with full color print inside.

How can Umbrellas increase Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness will be enhanced when people use umbrellas in public. People who come across these customized umbrellas would be able to learn about the company through information or logos that are printed on the umbrella. To gain a greater audience attention you need to do something unique and creative. Below we see an example of a branded LED umbrella, which creates much more attention when it’s night time.

In summary promotional products, like customized umbrellas, are an excellent advertising product if you want to increase brand awareness and thus boost sales. You have great possibilities for customising your umbrella and thus make it more unique to create more attention.

GWP Ideas

Custom Pens as Functional GWPs

We are now familiar that in any marketing campaigns, most brands already offer promotional pens to their customers therefore these kind of promotional products will not impact customers any more. This is where could start being creative and offer our clients different designs that are not common in the market. These new designs will grab their attention from the very first time they see the product. We can then use this kind of promotional product in different kinds of marketing strategies like giveaways, gift with purchase or any promo gift that we could offer our clients.

SAMUEL WYNN_Linkedin.jpg

How can these kind of promotional pens help to increase brand awareness and attract customers’ attention?

Well, firstly, these kind of promotional pens are not very common to see anywhere which means that it has a great potential to attract anyone’s sight as it is different and unusual. For instance, a brand that sells plants and flowers to their customers could use the bottom promotional pens that appear in the picture above.

In any marketing campaign, it is very important to make a statement and differentiate from our competitors as this is the key factor that will define our sales as customers will go ahead with us.

Innovative Merchandise

Bottle Glorifiers for a Great and Affordable POS Display

When we trying to advertise a luxurious drink brand we could use different POS to be able to promote our brand in different locations. For instance, if we think of a luxurious alcoholic drink; we could use a special point of sale to advertise it in clubs. A great example of point of sale we could use is a LED bottle glorifier. This promotional product will enable your brand to be seen in clubs where your drink will be consumed at most times. This can be placed on tables or even in bar shelves. This kind of product has an amazing visibility which will increase your brand awareness.

M&E BV Bottle Glorifier.jpg

So, what is a point of sale and how can it help you out in marketing your brand?

POS stands for point of sales. The idea behind the usage of point of sales products is to attract customers to the point of purchase as well as increasing the visibility of our brand.

A point of sale in marketing will always generate new product awareness, trial and purchase if both of these two steps are done properly. We always need to find different ways of presenting our products to our target market. Normally, people admire the way products are packed and presented to them to generate them an interest of purchasing. If we compare the big clothing brands the way that they use high-end packaging we could really tell the difference and quality compared to small shops.

In this situation, this LED bottle glorifier is tremendously unique to present our drinks in clubs, firstly because it is high-end and therefore can be pricy and secondly it looks amazingly great to display our products. This kind of POS really will catch customers attention as it also includes LED light that will stand out even when the club lights turn off.

To gain new customers, using a POS is always a sensible way of introducing and presenting our brand to the public.

Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Offering the Premium GWPs for your Consumers

The beer industry has seen a major growth in the past few years. In fact, many entrepreneurs have started up their own breweries, formulating their own craft beer. This poses a threat to existing brands as it introduces more challengers to the market. To keep up with the competition, companies will need to find a way to help market their quality products.

Unconventional tactics and big-scale promotions may work for some. However, using excellent packaging and giving away gift with purchase items may be the best way to boost your brand presence. These help provide great marketing advantage at a minimal cost. 

M&E Debortoli Twin Packt.jpg

How can this beer GWP and packaging idea help your business?

Here are some of the  benefits of adapting these strategies into your business.

Boost Your Sales. Eye-catching packaging and free items will excite customers to try your product. Therefore, both tactics can be used to encourage customers to buy your beer product. Thus, it helps ensure profitability.
Attract Customers. Packaging can be used to decorate your product with branding visuals to make it eye-catching. On the other hand, a gift with purchase adds value to the product.

GWP Ideas

Improving Brand Visibility: Custom Serving Trays

Serving trays add additional levels of sophistication to parties or dinner events. They also allow for more food and drinks to be served at once. This gives greater efficiency to servers compared to just using.

M&E BV Serving Trayt.jpg

Trays can come in variety of designs – can custom manufacture from simple circular trays to the square rectangular trays with handles.

They can also be non slip with usage of materials such as felt, EVA foam base or rubberising sufaces, ensuring that items on the tray would not slip and fall off.

Overall, as a promotional item, the serving tray provides utility through better serving of food and drinks as well as long term direct advertising through printing of logo onto the base or sides of the tray. Its ability to be customized in terms of features and design makes it a great promotional product for companies to consider.

Innovative Merchandise

Innovative Merchandise: Bluetooth Speakers as GWP

In only one product, this creative promotional water bottle bluetooth speaker combines music and drink at the same time, and it might be exactly what you need! This quest for multi-functional products is the work of designers who are always looking to simplify users’ lives while linking design, quality and functionality.

Beringer Bluetooth Speaker.jpg

Why is this Bluetooth Speaker good for your brand?

Marketing effective. Bluetooth speakers can be a very effective form of marketing as it actually meet consumers need, and even more thanks to the combination of two functions. Products that are out of the ordinary always catch customers attentions and improves the company’s results and image.

Good promotional product. This item is a good opportunity to raise your brand awareness by printing your logo in a strategic location and it makes your music experience better thanks to the bottle.

High-quality. If we attach importance to the design and originality of the products, the fact remains that the quality is an important factor also to satisfy the consumer. The bottle is made of a strong material and the bluetooth speaker projects a very high-end sound.

Innovative Merchandise

Merchandise Ideas: Wine Decanter as Corporate Gift

Seeking effective promotional ideas for your corporate gifts. Wine related gifts can truly set your firm apart from competition by offering classy yet inexpensive items of high perceived-value.

M&E BV Wine Decanter.jpg

Decanters are key items for wine lovers. For old wines which contain sediments (due to the aging process), properly decanting will insure that these have a chance to settle at the bottom of bottle or decanter. Younger wine will benefit from decanting by increasing its contact with oxygen, thus releasing aromas.

Lastly, presentation of wine in a beautiful crystal decanter adds to the ambiance of a beautifully dressed table.

Innovative Merchandise

Custom made Ice Buckets for a great Campaign

Even the best wine or champagne do not have the same taste when it is not cold. To ensure that your beverages are are always at good temperature, you definitely have to use an customized ice bucket. That will make you stand out from the crowd as well.

Sterling Ice Bucket.jpg

Custom Ice Buckets for Wine:  Since these drinks are usually sold for much more than beers, we can note that most of the time wine buckets are also of higher quality, more complex in design and more ornate.

Generally wine buckets are used for white wines and Champagnes though can be used for red wines in hot countries.

Why not read some of our blogs on Champagne packaging and let us know what other designs have you liked?

Don’t be limited in your creativity when designing custom barware such as ice buckets.   Have a look at our custom bottle glorifiers for inspiration to make sure you draw attention to your brand.